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Hydrafacial treatments are convenient and non-invasive. Try it today to achieve the best skin of your life. We treat: fine lines, wrinkles, acne, blackheads, dry skin, oily skin, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, sun damage and hyperpigmentationHydraFacial is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and non-irritating.

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Beautiful skin simply cannot wait. That is why we are open late to help you look and feel your best. Book online, call or drop in seven days a week. We will always accomodate you, even on short notice and can work around your schedule.

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Precision Laser Therapy is based in Sydney and supervised by the inventor of the Woods Technique of FUE / BHT hair transplant, Dr. Ray Woods (M.B.B.S). We pride ourselves on having over three decades of experience and achieving 100% satisfaction.

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Our certified dermal clinicians specialise in treating problem skin with specialised medical grade technology and operate under strict medical supervision. We provide up-front pricing, written quotes with tailored treatment advice and comprehensive after care. Remember, good skin happens by chance, great skin happens by appointment. You will always receive courteous and professional treatment every time you attend.

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The Best Skin of Your Life

Painless in-office procedure promises to deliver immediate, long-term results for people of all skin types, with absolutely no downtime.

Three Easy Steps

The HydraFacial is a 3 step process that integrates specialty serums, antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid that is able to effectively treat even the most sensitive skin types.

Results in 30 Minutes

Treatments last 20-30 minutes and have zero down. Redness (if any) dissipates within 5-10 minutes. Most people notice an immediate improvement in skin tone and texture.

How Does Hydrafacial Skin Resurfacing Work?

The HydraFacial is a 3 step process that integrates specialty serums, antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid that is able to effectively treat even the most sensitive skin types. Using specialised serums that target specific concerns, we customise your treatment based on your skin concerns and needs.  Whether you are looking to combat the signs of ageing, pigmented lesions or acne, our professional therapists will assist you in getting the treatment that you need.

Step 1: Vortex Cleanse & Exfoliate

The first step to the best skin of your life involves a vortex cleanse and hydra peel exfoliation. The process uses a glucosamine solution to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and impurities to allow more light to reflect off the skin, creating a glowing appearance.

Step 2: Chemical Peel

The second step of the protocol uses a low concentration sacylic and glycolic acid solution to loosen debris and dirt deep with the pore. This step also assists in the prevention of new acne pustules.

Step 3: Vortex Extraction & Infusion

Vacuum suction removes blackheads and loose debris from after the chemical peel. After extraction, your skin is nourished with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. This re-hydrates, rejuvenates, restores the skin, enhancing structure and function. 

How Does HydraFacial MD Treatment Work?

How Much a HydraFacial Treatment Cost?

If your skin needs deep exfoliation, hydration and nourishment, you may benefit from a HydraFacial treatment. To learn more about the cost of HydraFacial treatments in Sydney, view our pricing guide below.

Tailor your treatment with award-winning super serums to address specific skin concerns.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers For Skin Resurfacing

All The Questions You Have, With The Answers You Want.

Is HydraFacial Right For Me?

HydraFacial addresses all skincare needs including:

  • Fine lines + Wrinkles
  • Elasticity + Firmness
  • Even Tone + Vibrancy
  • Skin Texture
  • Brown Spots
  • Oily + Congested Skin
  • Enlarged Pores

What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is an invigorating treatment that can be given in as little as 30 minutes. It delivers long-term skin health and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of all skin types. It offers instant, noticeable results with no downtime or irritation. The HydraFacial treatment removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums. The treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and immediately effective.

Is HydraFacial Right For Me?

The HydraFacial treatment is designed for all skin types. Even the most sensitive skin easily tolerates the HydraFacial treatment. Your physician or skincare professional may choose specific treatment serums and/or customize the treatment for your unique skin conditions and needs. Consult your physician or skincare professional for a skin evaluation and sensitivity test.

What Is The Difference Between a HydraFacial and Microdermabrasion Treatment?

Microdermabrasion is a single step exfoliation process that works by abrading the top layer of skin and “vacuuming” the exfoliate away to reveal the new, fresh skin below. HydraFacial is the evolution of a microdermabrasion – a multi-step process that provides cleansing and exfoliation, a gentle peel to loosen dirt and debris from pores, extraction via vortex suction to clean out pores, and hydration of anti-oxidants and hydraluronic acid via patented vortex-fusion to nourish and protect your skin. Through the use of various tips and solutions, each step of the HydraFacial is customized to suit your skin type and concern – oily or dry skin, sensitive skin, fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, your HydraFacial can be customized to include lymphatic draining and/or red or blue LED therapy. A HydraFacial is a microdermabrasion treatment and so much more!

What Are The Benefits of LED Treatments?

Light therapy is the application of light energy to the skin for therapeutic benefits. It is a natural photo-biochemical reaction similar to the process of plant photosynthesis. Over the past 40 years, research has shown that light in the red and infrared spectrum effects at least 24 positive changes at a cellular level. The energy delivered by the LEDs enhances cellular metabolism, accelerates the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, and stimulates the production of collagen. As a result, skin texture, skin tone, and elastin may be improved with a series of treatments. Blue light therapy helps improve the appearance of oily or congested skin and can be used to treat moderate inflammatory acne. P.acnes is known as the causative agent of acne. Porphryin, a compound generated by the P.acnes bacteria, is photo-sensetive and reacts to blue light. Blue LED therapy is an alternative for clients who do not respond well to other acne therapies.

How Long Do Results Last?

You will notice immediate results after one HydraFacial treatment. You may expect results to last up to seven days. We recommend six (6) treatments, undertaken every 4-6 weeks to ensure long-lasting results.

Why is HydraFacial Good For My Skin?

Hydration is the foundation of healthy, radiant skin. Irritation of the skin has been proven to increase signs of aging. HydraFacial is a hydrating and non-irritating treatment.

How Long Does The Treatment Take And Does It Hurt?

Our goal is to help support you in a balanced lifestyle. That’s why HydraFacial is a fast, efficient treatment that takes as little as 30 minutes. You may put on makeup and return to your normal activities right after the treatment since there is no downtime.

What Results Can I Expect and How Long Does it Last?

Many people report seeing visible skin refinement and an even, radiant skin tone after just one treatment. The smooth results and hydration may last 5 to 7 days or even longer. We don’t believe in quick fixes, so one treatment per month is recommended for improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, oily and congested skin. Continued HydraFacial treatments are highly recommended to maintain skin health results.

What Areas Other Than The Face Can Be Treated With HydraFacial?

HydraFacial treatments can benefit the face & neck, decollete, hands and arms. Many men and sports enthusiasts also appreciate the HydraFacial for congestion and/or acne on the back – “Back-ne”.

What Are The Benefits of Lymphatic Draining?

Natural regulation of the body can occur with lymphatic drainage to improve circulation, detoxification, tone, and result in firmer skin. 33% of the lymphatic system is in the face. Gentle lymphatic massage can stimulate opening of the lymphatic system, increase lymph flow, and assist in the drainage of stagnant cellular fluid and released toxins. Through the elimination of toxins, and promotion of insured nourishment, the skin achieves balance, resulting in a cleaner complexion and improved skin tone and colour. Other benefits of lymphatic drainage include a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles due to dehydration, and a reduction of puffy skin (edema) and swelling. When the lymph is flowing, the cells are bathed in fresh fluid causing the skin to look fresh and alive.

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We guarantee that HydraFacial will improve the look of your skin, and with frequent treatments,  restore skin health. We believe beautiful skin affords you deep confidence that amplifies inner beauty. Let us help you reveal the best skin of your life. We make sure our customers enjoy the experience and delight in the results. That is why we are the highest rate skin restoration clinic in Sydney.

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Dr. Ray Woods


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