Laser Hair Removal 

Remove unwanted body hair with laser hair removal for guaranteed hair reduction.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Men and Women

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Prices Starting at $50
At our Sydney laser hair removal clinic we use the gold-standard ICON Laser to deliver the most efficient and pain free hair removal treatments for men and women. Laser hair removal is a cost-effective and gentle method to remove body hair and increase confidence. Our treatments are safe and achieve excellent results without any side effects or harm to your skin.

Open Early Till Late

We know you want your unwanted body hair removed as soon as possible. That is why our laser hair removal clinic is open late seven days a week. We will always accomodate you, even on short notice and can work around your schedule. Our Icon Laser technology is the best in the industry, and includes the world’s only SkinTel melanin reader to prevent damage to your skin.

Medically Supervised

The Woods Technique has earned its name as the finest hair transplantation in the world, but there’s some hair that can be embarrassing and troublesome. Laser hair removal has proven to be a cost-effective method to reduce unwanted hair and increase confidence in both men and women.

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Book yourself in 24 / 7 to remove your unwanted body hair. Pick the best time and day for and enter your contact information. Appointments are setup in 15 seconds or less.  Treatments are non-invasive, painless and start for as low as $50.00.

Safe Hair Removal 

Our Icon Laser laser platform offers the SkinTel melanin reader which enables us to determine the concentration of melanin/pigmentation in your skin to then customise the laser setting parameters for your skin type. This allows us to achieve optimal results and eradicate risk of side effects.

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Gold Standard Technology

All hair removals are completed using the industry gold standard Icon Laser and world exclusive SkinTel reader to assess your skin type to avoid unnecessary damage. 

Results in Less Than 10 Minutes

We guarantee results in less than ten minutes. Our laser hair removal clinic is centrally located in Summerhill and procedures are non-ablative and have zero down-time.

Almost Painless & No Side Effects

We are masters of efficient and effective laser hair removal using the most advanced medical laser technology ever made.  You will consistently receive side-effect free and painless hair removal.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The Icon laser uses the principles of selective photothermolysis to fire shots of light that are absorbed by melanin contained in the root of the hair follicle. This light energy is converted into heat energy that subsequently damages the follicle to impede and diminish future growth. The Icon Laser is now recognized as one of the most effective, pain free and safest devices available.  

How Sessions Do I Need?

We recommend 6-10 treatments over a 4 week period to ensure hair removed during the growth stage. Everyone’s growth cycle varies depending on where the hair is on the body. Hair follicles may also be in different growth phases at any given time. That is why multiple laser hair removal sessions are required to achieve the best result. We can remove hair from any part of your body and offer single session or multiple treatment packages at competitive prices.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal in Sydney Cost?

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Meet Your Team

Experience the Difference of Precision Laser Therapy.

Jordan Woods BSC
Jordan Woods BSC

Clinic Manager

Jordan Woods is following in his father’s footsteps and assist with the day to day operation of Precision Laser Therapy.

Dr. Ray Woods
Dr. Ray Woods


Internationally recognised as the inventor of modern hair transplant technology (FUE) and winner of multiple lifetime achievement awards.

Michael Woods
Michael Woods

Laser & IPL Therapist

Michael Woods is a certified aesthetician, Laser, IPL specialist and hair transplant technician. He received his qualifications from the Ella Bache College in Sydney.

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